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Self-dipping driving lights from this innovative company.


Lazer Lamps has introduced a world-first for the auxiliary LED driving light market by adding ‘Intelligent Low Beam Assist’ to some of its products. Photoelectric sensors in the front of the LED light detect oncoming vehicles and dim the driving light automatically.



Lazer stresses that this is not a simple high-low beam switch fitted as standard. Lazer’s Intelligent Low Beam Assist detects the location of oncoming traffic and dims the LEDs only in that zone, leaving higher levels of illumination at the sides of the road and just in front of the vehicle. 

The sensors constantly monitor the road ahead 30 times per second and are also able to self-calibrate on the fly to accommodate changing weather, like rain and snow, or dirt on the lamps.



In Low Beam Assist mode, the lamp also responds to other light-emitting objects ahead of the driver including road signs, street lighting and other reflective obstacles. 

A carefully selected delay on the reactivation of the Low Beam Assist mode prevents any potentially distracting ‘flashing’ by lighting at the sides of the road, while the addition of a secondary switch in the supplied wiring kit, allows for the Low Beam Assist function to be temporarily disabled if specific circumstances demand.

The lamp is ECE-certified to Regulation 112 as a high beam driving light and through dual-output E-Boost technology the light output can be increased above ECE Reg112 limits for the Australian market.

The patent-pending technology has been added to three LED lamps: the 18,000 lumen Linear-18 Elte; Triple-R 1000 that emits 11,068 lumens and the 13,136 lumen Triple-R 1250 Elite. The Linear range of LED driving lights are a very low-profile, streamline product suitable for vehicles with limited mounting space or for integration within a vehicle’s grille.

For vehicles fitted with CAN wiring where a traditional 12V feed may not be present behind the headlights, Lazer Lamps can supply a CAN-Bus module which reads the CAN signals and operates the auxiliary LED driving lights accordingly.

We’ve asked for a Linear 18 test light and will report its performance as soon as possible.





























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