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These lights combine reflector technology with LEDs for light without much current draw.


Noxsolis NX9 driving lights combine a traditional reflector system in conjunction with premium quality, precise LED chips. The pencil beam reflector focuses LED light very tightly – almost laser-like – into a one-kilometre-plus beam.



The Noxsolis spread beam light has differently-positioned LEDs and reflector shape, to spread light over a shorter, wider distance. The spread-beam light complies with ECE Regulation 112 and that always means less light than those lamps that don’t comply. The pencil beam does not comply with this light-limiting regulation.

There’s no need for Australian driving lights to comply with Europe’s R112 requirements.

The result of this compliant and non-complaint Noxsolis combination is a long, but narrow distance beam and a relatively narrow spread beam.

Having tested the pair in combination, we reckon the pencil beam is ideal for long-distance night travellers, who need to see what’s more than one kilometre ahead, but the 450-metre spread beam doesn’t cover ground more than just a few metres off the road edges and wildlife often lurks beyond that zone.

Our suggestion for an ideal combination is a pair of Noxsolis pencil beams, backed up by a wide-spread light bar. ( incidentally, those of us who had to endure five years of Latin in high school must love the name – ‘Noxsolis’ – ‘night-sun’.)



The Noxsolis lights are very solidly made, tipping the scales at 3.2kg each. A steel yoke bracket clamps to a die-cast aluminium housing via two pairs of adjustment cap-screws. 

Polycarbonate lenses are damage resistant and both lights are water-resistant to IP69K standards. Standard kit includes a pair of clear, snap-on lens protectors.

Both lights are 220mm (nine-inch) diameter and produce 5700 Kelvin colour temperature light – slightly bluish beams – with very low current draw of only 3.9 amps at 12V (only 1.8A at 24V).

Pricing was $399 each at the time of our test.

Check out our video test:




























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