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These LED units can replace any seven-inch round headlights.

 Many older 4WDs, bikes and even new North American-brand trucks are fitted with seven-inch round headlights. These can be replaced by Hella’s LED low/high beam headlights and there’s also a dedicated high-beam unit for four-headlight applications.


The Hella LED 178mm headlight insert models
are ADR approved, suit 12V and 24V vehicles and there’s also an optional daytime running light and position light fitment for the high/low beam units.

Claimed beam distance from the high/low beam model is around 170 metres on low beam with a 40-metre wide spread and 320 metres on high beam with a 50-metre spread. The dedicated high-beam only pair has over 500-metre beam distance with 50-metre spread.

Power consumption is 25W/35W for the high/low beam light and 60W for the high beam only light.

The lenses are polycarbonate, mounted in die cast aluminium housings and the assembly is IP67-rated for water and dust ingress. They’re not designed for total water immersion.

The lights are pre-wired with conventional three-pin H4-style connectors and for most vehicles are a simple plug’n’play fitment. However, some vehicles have negative high-beam switching and may require a relay for correct operation.

We’re evaluating a set of high/low beam Hellas and our first impressions are very good. The replacements have much whiter light, better spread and slightly more distance than the standard halogen lights.

We gave them a durability test to The Kimberley, The Canning and the Tanami Desert and they’re still shining brightly.



























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