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Be seen is the safety message.


Once the exclusive domain of prestige European cars, Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) have become a common sight on many new passenger and commercial vehicles.

DRLs have been mandatory in Scandinavia
and parts of North America for decades and there are plenty of statistics to back up their effectiveness.

In Europe DRLs have prevented an estimated 25 percent of daytime multi-vehicle fatal crashes, 28 percent of daytime fatal pedestrian crashes, 20 percent of daytime multi-vehicle injury crashes and 12 percent of daytime multi-vehicle property crashes.

One US study estimated a five-percent reduction in multiple vehicle crashes and a nine-percent reduction in crashes involving pedestrians.

Like high-visibility clothing on work sites, DRLs are all about being seen.

Of course it makes sense in parts of the world that spend significant parts of the year in low light conditions, but do DRLs make sense in bright, sunny Australia?

It seems the answer is ‘yes’ according to Australian transport research body, ARRB. Multi-vehicle accident figures Down Under could be reduced by as much as 13 percent if all road going vehicles were fitted with DRLs.

If your vehicle doesn’t have DRLs, there are plenty of aftermarket options available from leading automotive, 4WD and transport outlets including several kits from Narva starting from approximately $170.





























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