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A relatively simple job for additional peace of mind.

Fitting this kit was easy enough, but we used different clamps for ease of fitment and for simpler bush repair. 


piranha axle breather kit The Piranha diff breather kit wasn’t cheap, at $75, but was comprehensive, coming with a more than ample length of plastic hose, right-angle firewall-mounting bracket, four Oetiker Ear Clip (OTK) hose clamps, two barbs, two small air filters and zip clips.

Fitting it to our LandCruiser 75 Series involved removing the standard breather hoses and replacing them with the Piranha hose. piranha axle breather kit

When we removed the standard breathers we found that both were somewhat clogged, restricting their breathing action, so this DIY job was well-timed.

For diffs that have a simple one-way expansion valve on top of the axle tube or diff housing and no extension hose, that factory-fitted valve needs to be unscrewed and replaced by a straight or right-angle, screw-in hose barb. piranha axle breather kit The Piranha kit doesn’t include an axle barb, because the fitting sizes differ from vehicle to vehicle.

In our case the replacement hose sild over the standard axle barbs without a problem. However, we found it very difficult to fit the supplied OTK clamps,
because there wasn’t sufficient space to get the crimping pliers into action.

We used 10-16mm stainless steel hose clamps instead. piranha axle breather kit We’d rather have hose clamps for bush work, because they’re easy to replace without the need for special tools.

We ran the new hose through the standard chassis guide loop at the rear end of the vehicle and located the top barb and screw-in air filter near the rear fuel tank breather. (There’s enough hose to run the breather filter forward to the engine bay in the case of standard vehicles, but our ute has had a 750mm wheelbase extension, so we opted for a rear mounting position for the diff breather.  piranha axle breather kit

For the front axle breather we ran the replacement hose through the standard chassis guide loop and up into the engine bay, where we zip-clipped it to the second battery box. (There is a right-angle bracket supplied, but we didn’t need to use it.)

piranha axle breather kit The small air filters screw into the supplied top barbs and can be replaced should they get contaminated with use.

The instructions provided were quite clear and pointed out the need to leave some slack in the breather hoses, to allow for suspension movement when off-road.

Our ute can now tackle 800mm-deep water crossings without fear of water seeping in through the breathers.






























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