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This model has a huge 250mm screen

Polaris’ latest Maxx range is designed for maximum ease of use, with a large, adjustable screen and kits that suit many 4WD utes and wagons. We’re testing one during 2019/20.

The Polaris Universal Maxx’s huge 250mm (10.1-inch) screen is attached to a double din head unit that sits flush in the dash. (Some vehicle models have a single-DIN head unit.)

The screen is adjustable to suit different dashboards and to minimise potential glare issues. Although the screen is large, control access is not restricted, Polaris claims.

At the time of purchase buyers can choose either Tom Tom street navigation or Hema on- and off-road maps. Standard is also Google Maps and it’s possible to have additional mapping added.

All mapping is preloaded onto a micro-SD card and loaded it into the unit. Preloaded Hema maps do not require any internet connection for navigation, but Google Maps do.

WiFi or mobile phone personal hotspots
can be used for internet connectivity.

The Maxx also has AM/FM radio and two USB inputs for connecting to music or watching movies or recorded shows.

The Maxx comes with Bluetooth, for hands-free phone calls, importing contacts and streaming music.

Maxx is designed to accept a vehicle’s factory camera as a plug-in and also comes standard with its own reversing camera that can be swapped for a front camera, or can be fitted to the rear of a trailer or caravan.

The caravan and trailer kit comes with all the additional parts required, including a professional cable kit with a curly cord that hangs between the two vehicles.

Don’t like any of the navigation apps on offer? Buyers can download their preferred mapping app via the Google Play Store onto the Maxx. Want to stream music via Spotify? Download it straight onto the head unit.

A multitasking feature can be used to split the screen, so music and navigation can display side by side.

There’s an extra-cost add-on dongle that enables Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Polaris Maxx is an Android-head unit, but an iPhone will still connect via Bluetooth for hands-free functionality and most apps on the iPhone can be downloaded directly onto the head unit itself.

In the box are: the Universal Maxx in dash unit; 16GB SD card loaded with either Tom Tom street maps or Hema off road navigation; universal ISO wiring harness; GPS external antenna; Bluetooth external microphone; two USB cables; camera-in / front cam-in plug; mini camera with seven-metre cable and RCA adaptor and RR,RL,FR,FL Audio Out / Vid out 1& 2 / Sub Vid In / Aux L / Aux R.

We’ll report on our experience with the Polaris Maxx over the coming months.



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