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The latest generation of this dedicated off-road navigation tool.


Hema Maps unveiled its seventh-generation GPS and navigation product, the HX-2, in August 2021. The product is said to integrate digital mapping and data of remote areas with moderated community sourced data and social networking.



“The concept of a fully integrated ecosystem of maps, data and community engagement has been a vision of the Hema Maps business for a number of years,” said Hema Maps general manager, Matt O’Meara.

The HX-2 is the first Hema Maps navigator to use vector high-performance mapping, which provides a highly detailed, seamless digital map of Australia, with faster rendering and the highest zoom level yet delivered by Hema.

To complement the new digital map, the HX-2 provides access to the Hema Maps cloud, which enables users to download Hema’s featured tracks. 

The HX-2 comes with a complete set of Hema printed maps installed on the device in digital format that the company says has a retail value of over $1000.

There are quarterly updates from the Map Patrol field work and from the community as they record and track their journeys.

The HX-2’s hardware is the fastest of any Hema GPS and the operating platform has been built by Hema Maps’ technology business, HemaX Digital, which also built the Hema Maps Cloud and the 4×4 Explorer app. The HemaX Digital team also developed bespoke turn-by-turn navigation for the unit.

The HX-2 is available from major outdoor and automotive retailers and the hemamaps.com website. The HX-2 RRP is $749.