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Zoom in mapping with precise detail

We’re testing a 2019-release mapping app that promises more free features than any other mapping software.

BillyGoat’s free features include:
very detailed mapping (1:6000 scale) for every state and territory; offline capability outside internet-coverage areas; search function for locations,
roads, tracks and trail; moving map features with position cursor; 10,000+ interactive points of interests including campsites and caravan parks; pins
to mark locations of interest and the ability to import GPX files.

Most other mapping apps charge extra for detailed and specific area mapping.

A BillyGoat Premium version that requires a subscription unlocks: directions to your destination; monthly map updates; tracklog recording and backup and restoration of your trip data.

We’ve checked out the mapping on a recent trip up the east coast and it was very easy to view on an iPhone. The screen displays only broad detail unless it’s zoomed in, when much more detail progressively appears.

We used the BillyGoat mapping during our OTA Supporters trip this July and all the very remote tracks we used were displayed in fine detail, except for one short, recently made section that wasn’t on any map – even the topographic.

The main problem with Billy Goat mapping is the lack of detail when zoomed out; that’s not a problem in populated areas, where most maps actually have too much detail, but it is an issue in unpopulated areas, where the only display is of the road itself, until you zoom in and then you lose the big picture.

When travelling on outback roads we used conventional mapping most of the time and switched to Billy Goat when we needed finer detail. We couldn’t find a track or street that Billy Goat didn’t display, even to showing the dirt streets in an abandoned Aboriginal community between the Great Sandy and Gibson Deserts. No other mapping we’ve used has that degree of detail.

On the very remote Balgo to Kiwirrkurra Track Billy Goat mapping was an absolute boon, because this lightly used connecting ‘road’ between these two Aboriginal communities is a mixture of bush tracks and ‘shot’ lines. There’s no apparent logic to some of the turns and shot lines are notorious
for going nowhere.

Billy Goat mapping was also a safety feature when we went for walks off the track, because its high degree of detail meant we were never in doubt about our position.

In the middle of our test Billy Goat released updated mapping with shading and a distance ruler and both these additions improved functionality. We love the Goat!





























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