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We have a small favour to ask. Thousands of readers in Australia and around the world place their trust in our old-style, truth-telling, no-holds-barred journalism.

We’re not in any product maker’s pocket and we never do ‘advertorials’ or any other form of paid content. Many advertisers shun our website, because we won’t guarantee favourable reports.

We didn’t set out to get rich running the OTA website. We were determined to put truth in reporting ahead of financial considerations. We also decided that all our information would be available free of charge.

However, we still need to eat and to fuel our vehicles, so we can report on great travel destinations.

We have modest advertising revenue, so we also rely on support from you, the readers. Every contribution, however big or small, sustains our future.  

Support Outback Travel Australia from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute.  

Thank you to all who have already donated, and thank you in advance to all who choose to help out.

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