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Factory-designed and approved bar with interchangeable tongues.


The Isuzu N Series range was enhanced by the mid-2023 release of a genuine Isuzu 4.5-tonne towbar package for the NLS and NPS 4WD trucks.



Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the exacting specifications of Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL’s) Product Development Centre in Melbourne, the towbar is rated to 3.5-tonnes towing capacity as standard and can be uprated to 4.0-tonnes capacity for the NLS and 4.5-tonnes for the NPS, with the fitment of a heavier-duty tongue, fitted with a 70mm towball.

The same towbar can be used for equipment rated at 3.5 through to 4.5 tonnes, by simply swapping the tongues. The optional interchangeable tongue with 70mm ball has the ball pre-tensioned for compliance.

The rating given to a tow coupling is called a D-value and reflects the maximum force that can safely be imposed on that component. A 50mm ball coupling has a D-value based on a maximum towing vehicle mass of 5000kg and a maximum trailer mass of 3500kg. A 70mm towball has a D-value of 4.5-tonnes towing capacity.

Each Isuzu towbar has been robotically welded for high precision and is powder-coated.

Modular design means that a single end plate fits multiple Isuzu truck models, with the need for only minor drilling and no requirement for welding or painting.

All components are validated to Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards, having passed rigorous dynamic, static and chain-pull tests, meeting relevant compliance and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements.

Relevant Component Registration Number (CRN) or Component Type Approval (CTA) for the towbar is attached to the relevant truck model’s ADR approval, with clear and detailed labelling on the towing assembly.


























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