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Multi-mode mirrors for towing vehicles.

MSA 4X4 Driving Mirrors are designed around a large single mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty extension slide. This design allows the mirror to be returned to its normal ‘non-towing’ position, so the mirrors don’t protrude permanently from the sides of the vehicle.

There are four different mirror positions: non-extended, non-towing horizontal position; non-extended, non-towing vertical position; extended horizontal position and extended vertical position.

When rotating the mirror into the horizontal position, the mirror’s actuator automatically adapts, retaining the standard adjustments (up, down, side to side) from the vehicle’s standard mirror adjustor.

MSA4x4 says the mirrors are designed to fold inwards or outwards when bumped in carparks or when struck by tree branches or other obstacles.

The new mirrors are ADR compliant and are covered by a five-year warranty.

Construction is injection moulded plastic and die cast aluminium.

Australian-market testing was ongoing in early 2019 and the release early 2020. Initially, 13 vehicle models were catered for, with additional vehicles to be covered as soon as possible.





























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