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No need to fight with truckles for public weighbridge time!

A weighbridge that comes to you, allowing split-weights of axles and coupling is a service that many 4WD and towing people would welcome. ‘Your Mobile Weighbridge’ services all areas of South Australia, weighing cars, 4WDs, caravans, mobile homes, boats and trucks. YMW owner Martin Tipple has many years of towing experience.

Martin told OTA that almost every weigh-in shows up excessive weight in some form or another: be it the combined weight, or the vehicle, or the tow ball load. Nearly every rig needs urgent attention to bring into compliance with the Australian Regulations, Martin Tipple finds.

“For some, it can mean simply moving loads between vehicle and trailer,” he said.

“ For others, it can mean more drastic measures, like leaving behind quite a lot of their load or having their vehicle’s maximum permitted load ( GVM) upgraded by a specialist. 

“Nearly everyone is very surprised by their weigh-in result and I take particular care in recommending the best solution. 

“A little while back, the owner of a Silverado was astounded to find that it was considerably overweight. 

“I went there at his request to weigh only the caravan, but he changed his mind and said to weigh the whole rig – he was very glad that he did! “

Your Mobile Weighbridge uses the same weigh pads that the authorities use at highway weigh-point checks and these pads can handle all vehicle sizes, from a ute to a road train.

Each mobile weight check takes a comfortable 60-90 minutes and an easily understood four-page report is provided.

Martin impresses on his customers the importance of knowing not just overall weight but the loaded weight on every axle and on the tow ball. Many of his customers didn’t know the payload-penalty effect of weight on the tow ball, because of its position behind the rear axle: a tow ball load of 250kg can have around a 330kg negative effect on payload capacity:

“Most people have absolutely no idea about that!”  said Martin Tipple.

Your Mobile Weighbridge regularly services Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas and the state’s Lower South East. Martin said: “I really enjoy these country trips, because I take off the ute canopy, load the slide-on camper and tow my boat behind to do some fishing on the trip!”

(Note that Martin’s ute has three axles, to handle the slide-on camper and tow ball loads.)

Martin’s  web site is www.yourmobileweighbridge.com.au. Martin also gives talks at caravan and 4WD clubs.


























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