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Aluminium door skins created a challenge for the designers.


In late-2023, Clearview released mirror kits for the LandCruiser 300 Series that it said took into account the lightweight nature of this wagon’s aluminium door skins.



This company is well known for its owing mirror range, but there was some concern in the market about the time being taken to release mirrors for the LC300.

A company spokesperson told OTA that the aluminium door structure dictated a full redesign of minor mountings:

“It was never our intention to have the first towing mirror to market, but, as it turned out, we did! 

“If we wanted to use the factory mount maybe we would have had a product to market six months ago; however our engineers decided on a patented, secondary mount design for the LC300 towing mirrors.”

The Clearview design took into account the LC300’ s lighter-weight aluminium door skin and inadequate strength of the existing internal bracketry to safely mount extendable towing mirrors.

Another very important factor was the need to move the standard mounting point forward, to make the mirror easier to view while towing. 

Had Clearview simply reinforced the existing mounting point and installed the mirrors there, the driver would be constantly leaning backwards and head turning, the company said.



























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