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A controller with an an anti-sway override function.


Developed, programmed and tested in Australia, Ultimate Tow™ has a braking algorithm that’s designed for superior performance and reliability in demanding local conditions. 


When hitched to trailers and caravans with electric brakes, the electric brake controller activates and controls the braking force supplied by the electric brakes in the caravan or trailer, whenever the driver in the tow vehicle applies the brakes.

The controller allows braking to be easily modulated by adjusting the dial left, for a lower setting, or right, for maximum setting.

Bendix Ultimate Tow also features an override function that can be activated if the trailer or caravan is swaying.



The driver simply presses the dial to engage the trailer brakes, without activating the tow vehicle brakes. This action can help pull the trailer or caravan into line and minimise the swaying affect. 

Other safety features include open circuit and trailer disconnection indicators. 

Bendix said that Ultimate Tow is suitable for installation in a wide range of popular vehicles and is compatible with the AL-KO ESC systems fitted to many caravans and trailers.

Installing Ultimate Tow™ is also said to be simple and only a single small hole is required for the remote head to be located in the smallest of knock-out dash panels. 

The included 1.28 metre cabling allows the control unit to be mounted in a variety of under-dash or under-seat locations. The control unit is housed in an aluminium case and can be installed on any angle. Everything, except tools, required to fit Ultimate Tow is provided in the kit.

Bendix Ultimate Tow™ is available from leading automotive, 4WD and camping stockists across Australia and New Zealand, and is covered by a three-year warranty.    





























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