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A no-fuss way to theft-proof your trailer.


Al-KO has introduced a range of key-lockable trailer couplings that are direct replacements for non-lockable types. 


The coupling shaft that activates the ball-locking latch inside the receiver is normally a plain steel rod that pulls up to unlock the internal latch and drops down to lock the ball in place. However, in the case of the new Al-KO locking couplings the shaft is modified to double as a sliding lock barrel. 

When the key is turned the shaft is locked in place, making it impossible to separate the ball from the coupling. 

In addition to the lockable feature the new coupling is fitted with AL-KO’s XL grip handle that offers a more ergonomic grip than traditional handles.

The new couplings come in three models: fixed two-bolt or three-bolt types for non-braked, lightweight trailers; override swivelling couplings for trailers up to two tonnes that are fitted with override brakes and electric brake types for trailers and caravans up to 3.5 tonnes ATM. 

The override and electric brake couplings have four-bolt feet and the fixed coupling is available with either a two-bolt or three-bolt foot.




























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