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If you can use a high-lift jack with your 4WD, this one looks good.

A high-lift jack is a very effective 4WD recovery tool – in the right hands and on the right vehicle. Using a high-lift jack on non-specific lifting points and without training can be a life-threatening experience. ARB’s new hydraulic jack is said to be much safer than the traditional mechanical high-lift jack. 

JACK is ARB’s new off-road, long-travel hydraulic
jack, with some significant functionality and safety benefits over a mechanical jack. However, unlike a mechanical jack, it can’t be used as an emergency winch. Also, many modern vehicles with curved, overhanging bodywork don’t suit a high-lift jack and body damage can result.  

JACK’s pivot base can be rotated through 360 degrees, for optimal placement on unstable ground and the forged aluminium hook can be locked into one of nine hooking points on the extruded outer body.

Once a connection is made between JACK’s hook and a dedicated lifting point on the vehicle, each full pump of the jack handle raises the vehicle 13mm.

A key benefit of JACK over mechanical jacks is the reduction in effort required to raise the vehicle, ARB claims. JACK’s ergonomic handle is positioned at the top of the jack, allowing the operator to remain upright and the hydraulic action allows quick and short partial cycles of the handle rather than the full strokes required when using a mechanical jack.

JACK has an approved working capacity of 2000kg and an impressive lift height of 1230mm.

Lowering is done via a release valve. The two-stage, hydraulically controlled release system allows JACK to retract slowly for the first two thirds and
quicker for the final third. The hydraulic release means there is no risk of handle recoil or load drop caused by mechanical slip.

JACK is available at ARB stores nationally, with an RRP of $995.00*.






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