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This software program monitors fleet training and compliance issues.

Transport industry training professional, Glen Lewis, has developed a software program that keeps track of driver and staff training and competence levels.

Chain of responsibility issues have many
senior executives concerned about compliance with legal requirements across all facets of the road transport task, but keeping track of the myriad requirements is becoming progressively more complex.

Are drivers’ licences current and appropriate; is dangerous goods training up to date; have staff completed training courses they’re enrolled in; are materials handling tickets current; are maintenance staff up to date with current equipment?

These are some of the concerns that are vital to safe, complying business practice, yet keeping track of them is often difficult and time consuming.

For many years Glen Lewis wrestled with different approaches to safety compliance training, before developing the Compliance Engine system as a one-stop compliance shop.

Glen Lewis does a considerable amount of consulting work to various truck makers, but before developing his Compliance Engine on-line system he also spent a few years in the highly safety-conscious mining industry, thus expanding on his already comprehensive knowledge of safety issues.

The Compliance Engine program was developed to meet the very high safety demands of the mining business, as well as suiting the road transport scene.

In essence, the Compliance Engine is an on-line program that records and organises all necessary licencing, ticketing and training requirements for all staff in an organisation.

It’s filled in on-line by drivers and other staff, listing their personal details, licences, certificates, tickets, training levels, renewal dates and competencies.

Training and administration staff can easily
monitor the system, recording training accomplishments. This on-line nature means there’s no need to transfer details from hard-copy documents, so it’s always up to date.

Management can also keep track of compliance and specially designed reporting forms make ‘exceptions’ easy to spot.

An example is the Compliance Reporting page that shows in column graphs individual staff members’ training course achievements, highlighting those who are on the pace and those who are not.

Because of the Compliance Engine data entry criteria it’s not possible to have a situation that sometimes occurred with hard-copy documents, where a filed copy may have a signature missing. The system won’t accept incomplete data entry, so it guarantees accuracy.

One of Glen Lewis’ early customers is Peter Howe, a long-serving safety professional, now in charge of training and compliance for mining operator, Platinum Blasting Services.

“In all my years as a safety professional I haven’t found a system that matches the simplicity and usability of the Compliance Engine,” Peter Howe told OTA.

“It’s great for our operators and trainers and cuts down enormously on the administrative load.

“I feel that it’s the first system that’s designed with the end user in mind and it integrates seamlessly with ISO9001 search and report requirements.”

You can get more info on the Compliance Engine system from Glen Lewis at glen.lewis@bigpond.com,
or 0467 816 451







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