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This software program monitors fleet training and compliance issues.

Transport industry training professional, Glen Lewis, has developed a software program that keeps track of driver and staff training and competence levels.


Chain of responsibility issues have many senior executives concerned about compliance with legal requirements across all facets of the road transport task, but keeping track of the myriad requirements is becoming progressively more complex.

Are drivers’ licences current and appropriate; is dangerous goods training up to date; have staff completed training courses they’re enrolled in; are materials handling tickets current; are maintenance staff up to date with current equipment?

These are some of the concerns that are vital for safe, compliant business practice, yet keeping track of them is often difficult and time consuming.

For many years Glen Lewis wrestled with different approaches to safety compliance training, before developing the Custom Compliance Safety and Training (CCST) system as a one-stop compliance shop.



Glen Lewis does a considerable amount of consulting work to various truck makers, but before developing his CCST on-line system he also spent a few years in the highly safety-conscious mining industry, thus expanding on his already comprehensive knowledge of safety issues.

Then CCST program was developed in conjunction with CEO, Christine Makumbe-Mudavanhu, who has more than 20 years of regulatory experience in New Zealand and Australia.



In essence, the CCST on-line program that records and organises all necessary licensing, ticketing and training requirements for all staff in an organisation.

The platform is an all-in-one, e-Learning, recording, document management system that provides on-demand live reporting.

In the interests of security and privacy,  CCST can use a two-factor authentication (2FA) security system that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access data.

The CCST system is compatible with the widely used Quality Management ISO 9001 system and is also compliant with ISO 15489 that is an international standard for the management of business records.



CCST’s Application Programming Interfaces (API) allow businesses to integrate the CCST data into their own systems and portals. This means that businesses can have full control and avoid any duplications.

The CCST platform can track all training material, including assessment and company inductions for internal and external organisations.  CCST also ensures critical review dates are not missed and tracks employee documents to ensure staff have completed all training and licensing requirements.

The CCST LiveReport system reports on critical industry, product and regulatory compliance areas in displays that fit within current business formats. The CCST system will send notifications to warn of pending compliance issues, or current compliance problems.





























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