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Sat phones aren't cheap, but you can hire.

We bought our satellite telephone years ago and wouldn’t leave home without it; a couple of vehicle breakdowns and medical emergencies during our travels in Australia’s Outback and the satellite telephone has more than paid for itself.

As 90 percent of Australia is not covered by the mobile telephone network It’s very reassuring to have an easy to operate and reliable form of communication in case of a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown. Help can be just a phone call away, and er… perhaps a lengthy wait for assistance to arrive.

Remote area emergencies aside, having a satellite telephone with you is also a great way to keep in contact with relatives and friends back home, if only to let them know that you’re OK.

The satellite phone scene changes periodically, but the most reliable system in 2016 was still Telstra’s Iridium network.

We don’t bother with a plan these days, because we don’t use the phone other than for emergencies. Once we’re out of a mobile range we simply switch our SIM from iPhone to the Iridium phone. There’s an adaptor kit available and the changeover is easy.