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It's time to 'hit the road' for many Aussies.

One in six people yearn to recreate the holiday experiences of their youth, according to recent research carried out by Tourism and Events Queensland.

The survey of 1000 travellers revealed
that 16 percent of Aussie travellers ‘hit the road’ to spend quality time with loved ones as they recreate or reminisce about the family road trips
of their youth. Many said they’d prefer to have their parents or siblings in the passengers’ seats.

These back-to-basics holidays are more popular than the types of trips usually associated with retirees, such as cruises and overseas holidays.

Unexpectedly, it appears the fairer sex is less sentimental with 30 percent more men than women citing their reason for road tripping is reliving or recreating a childhood family road trip.

Road trips are the most common style of holiday for Australians during childhood with 46 percent of us holidaying by car in our youth.

It’s exactly this style of holiday that Baby Boomers think younger generations should be enjoying, with 42 percent of older Aussies (45+) saying a vehicle-based holiday is what Millennials and Gen Ys should be doing, in preference to overseas trips.

One in five Boomers would pick their grandkids to be their road trip passengers with 38 percent doing so to experience a different side of Australia together.

Meeting interesting characters on the road is also a big motivating factor for many travellers with 22 percent opting for a road trip as a way to explore their own backyard and meet people they otherwise wouldn’t.





















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