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Mapping just got a whole lot better, but there's a catch.


Hema’s Explorer app combines Hema maps with 40,000 interactive points of interest (POI).

HEMA Explorer appHEMA’s Explorer app is available for iOS and
Android. Its online features include map-overlaid rain radar, location-based weather forecasts and access to the Hema Explorer Cloud for syncing and sharing adventures. This app is preloaded with the entire Hema 77-digital-map collection, including base, state, regional and National Park maps. Price is $49.99 for iOS and Android platforms. In-app purchases are offered.


OTA doesn’t use the HEMA Explorer app, because in order to use the app you must agree to give HEMA permission to use any inputs including photography, tracks, routes etc and also relinquish your copyright. That’s not a problem if you’re not planning to make money from your photography or video and if giving away your copyright doesn’t bother you.

The better option in our case is the HEMA 4WD Maps app (only available for iOS), which we use regularly on our iPads and iPhones. The HEMA 4WD Maps app is now priced at $99.99 and in-app purchases are offered.






















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