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This two-part park offers stunning ocean-front camping and scenery.

Yuraygir National Park was created in 1980 and embraces more than 30,000 hectares of coastal land that’s largely unspoilt.


yuraygir np Together with Bundjalung National Park, Yuraygir National
Park preserves a stretch of coastline from just north of Woolgoolga to Evans Head, a distance of nearly 150km, with only the developed area around Yamba intruding.

Despite extensive sand mining along the coastline last century the waterfront looks remarkably undisturbed today.

At Illaroo there’s easy beach access and walk-in camping at
Rocky Point and Minnie Water. At Boorkoom there’s easy access to fishing and swimming spots, and a 6km return bush walk to Wilsons Headland.

At Station Creek camping area there’s fishing and swimming, and canoeing along Station Creek. Pebbly Beach has swimming and fishing holes, a sheltered-beach boat ramp and two short bush walking tracks.

There’s backpack camping at Shelley Headland and Rocky Point.

yuraygir npFishing is best at Shelley Beach, Plumbago, Red Cliff, Brooms Head, Wire Fence and Sandon River Swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing along the coast are popular pursuits, but beaches aren’t patrolled.

Canoeing on the lakes is made easy by boat ramps close to parking and camping areas.

Whale watching is possible between June and October and surfers often have the pleasure of catching waves with dolphins.

Getting there

Yuraygir National Park’s south section is reached from the Pacific Highway. The road to Wooli leads to an intersection with the road to Diggers Camp and that also leads to the Boorkoom camping area and Wilsons Head picnic area. All these sites are accessible by 2WD vehicles.

For access to Station Creek and Pebbly Beach you take the
Barcoongere Forest Way turnoff that’s about 43km north of Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway. Vehicles without low range and high ground clearance can access Station Creek camping area, but not the beach drive and deep-water creek crossing at Pebbly Beach.

yuraygir np On the way there’s a worthwhile diversion to check out the monument to a bizarre ‘local’ who lived in this area in the 1960s.

Jonas Slovenski, a Lithuanian, reportedly wore no clothing and practiced tightrope walking! The cable on which he walked still hangs from one of the trees. He was also reportedly a key collector.

Jonas built a statue that has subsequently been decorated with keys, in his memory.

The statue is located about 4km along Newfoundland road, after two Y-intersections, at which you take the right hand forks. Park near a locked gate and walk 20 metres past the gate looking to your left.

Station Creek camping area offers easy access, but the sand track down to Station Creek Beach is winding, narrow and soft, with passing bays to allow oncoming vehicles to pass. Low tyre pressures are essential for safe travel on the sand.

The Pebbly Beach camping area is at the end of a 2.5km beach drive that should be attempted only at low tide.

yuraygir np The north section of Yuraygir National Park is a two-part
drive, because there’s no vehicle access between Angourie and Brooms Head.

The first, short drive starts in the beautiful coastal town of Yamba.

The second part of the drive begins at Maclean, on the Pacific Highway, at the Clarence Coast Visitor Centre.

At Sandon River the camping area is nearly always crowded, but there’s excellent beach 4WD access, plus several sand boat ramps.

Kangaroos are regular camp visitors at Lake Arragan and Red Cliff.



















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