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OTA gains new respect for Australia's early explorers.

central mt wedge The OTA team joined Jol Fleming and some traditional owners to follow in Colonel PE Warburton’s 1873 footsteps through Aboriginal Lands west of Alice Springs.


This spectacular rock formation is a sacred site on Aboriginal Land to the west of Alice Springs. In 1873 Colonel Peter Egerton Warburton tried to water his 17 camels at this spot, but they were terrified of the rock gorge and refused to drink.

He predicted that this precariously placed rock should one day fall over, but we were there exaclty 140 years later and it’s still standing!

warburton rock hole The aim of this trip was to follow as closely as possible in Warburton’s footsteps as he endeavoured to explore the heartland of Western Australia, as yet unexplored. His journey nearly cost him and his party their lives, but it did prove there was, unfortunately, no inland sea and no land running with milk and honey.

In this first part of our retracing Warburton’s route we were indebted to Jol Fleming from Direct 4WD Awareness in Alice Springs and several traditional land owners from Yuendumu.

The following video tells the story of part one:



















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