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This novel journey is becoming the thing to do.


The Silo Art Movement is encouraging people from all walks of life to travel along part or all of what is now one of Australia’s great road trips.


Barraba,  NSW – Peter B photo


Silo Art means more to many small communities than pure aesthetics, because, for many of them, it’s a beacon of hope and economic revival.

Silo Art plays a pivotal role in elevating tourism throughout regional Australia, by encouraging visitors to venture off the beaten track. If we all did that, the transformation of regional towns and communities would be nothing short of remarkable.


Kimba, SA, Silo Art by Cam Scale – Annette Green photo


By undertaking part or all of the Australian Silo Art Trail visitors contribute to the economy of these locations.

The roots of the Australian Silo Art movement began in Northam, Western Australia, in 2015. What began as a single brushstroke of creativity has flourished into a nationwide canvas, capturing the essence of diverse communities.


Newdegate, WA, by artist Brenton See – Annette Green photo


Currently, the Australian Silo Art Trail links an array of 61 locations, where artistic expression graces utilitarian structures. Fortunately, the story is far from over, because many more silos and other structures are slated to transform, broadening the tapestry of this vibrant movement.


GrainCorp silos at Sheep Hills, Vic, by artist Adnate – John Bartells photo


In each stroke and hue, a narrative unfolds – one of resilience, reinvention, and the symbiotic relationship between art and life. As we traverse the Australian Silo Art Trail, we traverse not just roads, but stories: narratives pictured through artistic mastery and community spirit.

As at 2023, the Australian Silo Art Trail stretched over 8500km, from Northam, WA, as far as Three Moon, in Queensland. All the states are included, with Queensland having an impressive 45 in the collection. 


Biloela, Qld, Mungbean silos – DRAPL photo


Artist Heesco Khosnaran has painted six: Weethalle, Grenfell, Karoonda, Gunnedah and Murrumburrah-Harden twice. Artist Jimmy Dvate has painted six: Goorambat twice, Rochester twice, Waikerie and Picola. Artist Sam Bates has painted five: Wirrabara, Nullwil, Arkona, Horsham and Murtoa. Artist Guido van Helten has painted three: Brim, Coonalpyn and Portland. Artist duo The Zookeeper and DRAPL have painted four:  Thallon, Sea Lake, Three Moon and Biloela. Artist Tim Bowtell has painted three: St James, Colbinabbin and Katamatite.



Five silos have been painted by women:  Rupanyup, Tungamah, Rosebery, Brunswick and Albany.

One silo has been demolished: Fyansford, by artist Rone, stood from December 2017 to April 2020.

In addition to these glorious painted silos, Australia also has more than 100 painted water towers. While not every country town has a silo, many have water towers they can enhance to entice visitors to their towns.



Silo Art calendar


The Silo Art calendar can create a positive atmosphere in a home or office. It’s also a thoughtful and practical gift that friends and family will appreciate.

You can link to the Silo Art website here.