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Outback motorcycle tours with an expert.


Remote Outback Australian scenery and terrain, a hot shower each day, fully catered meals, and comfortable swags are among the rare luxuries guaranteed on a series of spectacular motorcycle tours that have been selected and organised by former 500cc grand prix ace Daryl Beattie.


The highly respected winner of three 500cc world motorcycle grands prix and runner-up to Mick Doohan in the 1995 world championship  formed a tour business called Daryl Beattie Adventures in 2013.

His Outback adventures are a far cry from Beattie’s competitive days and role as a network television sports commentator, but he says there’s a simple reason why:

“I’ve spent many years in the Outback,” said Charleville-born Beattie.

“I have a personal passion for this country and it’s something I want to share with others.

“I’ve spent a lot of time travelling to spectacular and remote parts of Australia and I reckon I’ve picked out some awesome routes for our bike tours.”

Beattie has several adventure motorcycle tours into the Australian Outback, scheduled to fit around his ongoing MotoGP television commitments for Network Ten.

Daryl Beattie Adventures Beattie heads every tour, leading small groups of riders through some breathtaking scenery and terrain.  For safety reasons, a sweep rider follows each group.

A fully equipped, go-anywhere support vehicle meets every stopover, transporting luggage, kitchen facilities, mattresses and bedding, food, drinks, fuel and spares.

For more details of the tours, dates, prices, inclusions and bookings, contact Daryl Beattie Adventures.




















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