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You hope you don't need it, but it's handy to have.

In the event of illness in a remote area it may be important to relay information to the Flying Doctor. A blood pressure reading is a significant piece of medical information and it’s not difficult to monitor it.

We were very pleased to have a blood pressure monitoring unit with us on an extremely remote trip in the NT, during which we had to summon the Flying Doctor by helicopter, to attend a seriously injured person.

When the doctor arrived he was pleasantly surprised to see our half-hourly records of temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure.

We picked up a Rossmax X3 blood pressure monitor at our local chemist for a very reasonable $80, as well as a Rossmax digital thermometer for $10. Warranty is an excellent five years.

This compact monitor came in a box, with four AAA batteries, an arm-shaped pressure cuff, a carry bag and instruction booklet. Optional items not included are an AC adaptor jack and a USB port.

The X3 retains memory of 120 measurements of two users, plus a ‘guest’ user memory.

The instructions are very clear and we used the unit immediately after installing the batteries. Its readouts were very close to those we obtained at the local surgery.

Because it packs into its carry bag, along with the thermometer, and weighs only 250 grams, we’ve found it very easy to carry with us on remote trips. We also wear Apple watches that we can use to record heart rate on ourselves or on other people.

We hope we don’t need to use the Rossmax blood pressure monitoring kit again, but it’s reassuring to know it’s with us.





















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