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Varied topics and techniques that produce a world of colour.

Helen Dubrovich, born in Germany of Russian parents, came to Australia when she was three. When quite young, Helen started to travel overseas and this influenced her work, which is quite eclectic.

At OTA, we’ve known Helen for many years and just love her art.

Helen has chosen to work in a variety of media with varied subject matter, rather than sticking to the one genre. She felt staying with one type of subject and one medium would lead to boredom not only to herself but to her viewers.

Helen studied art and photography at East Sydney Technical College, then started a photographic career after completing the Photography Certificate at Ultimo TAFE. 

Photographic work gave her little time to paint during this period.

Helen’s interest in art was reawakened when she resumed travelling overseas and she took up painting again, after realising this was her true passion.

Further studies included certificates in art, ceramics and weaving at Gymea Technical College as well as numerous workshops in Australia and overseas.

Helen has always loved the Impressionists, who influenced her style, but has also been open to learning new techniques that  she has incorporated into her art. 

Working in oils and watercolours, depicting various subjects, led her to expand into acrylics and pastels. 

Her art has been shown at various exhibitions over the years and Helen continues to bring variety to her work that encompasses imaginative, romantic and colourful images.

Helen’s website is here.



















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