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Bush Poetry by Verna McKenzie

In life when we make the wrong turn

There are valuable lessons we can learn
It’s not the courage we lack

But most times it’s wise to turn back

This happened one day down Ka Ka Mundi way

When down this rough track we did stray
Allan found us a track he thought we should try

Where the grass was as high as a wallaroo’s eye

The road was rough and quite hairy,

And to camp there I thought would be really scary
For six kilometres we followed our friend,

Then the CB call came from Allan, “dead end”

Our journey into wilderness had only been brief

We turned around and followed our Chief
Through brigalow scrub to the sign which read ‘Ka Ka Mundi

We had plenty of time this fine Sunday

It was a picturesque spot

Camped by a hill of soft rock
Which was quickly climbed by Super Stan,

This once wayward boy, now is a man

As night fell upon us the camp-fire was lit

The camp-oven scones were a hit
Gathered ‘round the fire’s brilliant glow

Allan recited poems by the great ‘Banjo’

8.30 to bed for each weary head

Much travelled, now relaxed and well fed
We’re glad the rain only threatened, never poured

Our faith in the leader is soon restored

Now alone in our swags and tents

There’s time to reflect on the day’s exciting events
I thought to myself, now what of tomorrow?

What unexpected adventures are likely to follow?





















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