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We check out some of the choices in vehicle and camping gear hire.

Anyone who’s spent even a short amount of time travelling in Australia knows that this is a country which lends itself to road trips. The wildly unique natural environments of Australia fill every journey with wonder and excitement.

The Camplify story

Camplify was a product of the 2014 NRMA Slingshot Jumpstart Accelerator Program: a high-tech accelerator that provides seed funding and a mentoring program to enable talented entrepreneurs to build innovative companies. This peer-to-peer, Camplify caravan-hire service was developed by an Aussie team of camping and caravanning lovers.

The idea came from CEO Justin Hales’ childhood love of caravanning. Justin used to holiday in his parents’ 1980 Viscount caravan every chance they got, but on one of these trips they were involved in an accident. After this frightening experience, his parents made the decision to sell the caravan.

As an adult, Justin wanted to recapture this love affair, but buying a caravan just wasn’t an option. Justin decided we would develop an effective and innovative way to link holidaymakers with caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or campervan owners and Camplify was born.

The Newcastle-based company connects people wanting to hire with owners in innovative sharing deals,  Australia wide. Camplify is like an Airbnb, where holidaymakers can hire caravans, motorhomes, campervans and camper trailers from local owners from $80 – $300 per night.

Most owners use the income to cover their insurance payments, caravan park fees and maintenance costs. Others however, are using Camplify as a commercial income stream and some have earned in excess of $20,000 per year through the service.


All Equipped

At All Equipped Camper Trailer Hire you can rent a hard-floor camper that is easy to set up and is designed for off-roading.

The campers are light weight, making them easy to tow and have robust suspension, designed for Australian conditions.

Each camper comes with table, chairs, full kitchen, queen-size bed and an annex that can easily sleep a family. There is lots of storage space, plus LED lights and excellent ventilation


Camp Out

Camping in comfort in the great Australian outdoors requires enough camping gear to fill a 4WD and then some. For good quality camping equipment, you can be up for quite a bit of expense and cheap gear just doesn’t last.

Camp Out has been hiring top quality camping equipment for five years and has hundreds of regular customers.

Camp Out can supply OzTents, tables, chairs, kitchen packs, stretcher beds and bunks for the kids. There are also metal detectors and even a night vision scope.

There is also vehicle equipment, including MaxTrax, tyre repair kits, compressors, fridges, battery packs, solar panels, inverters and lighting.

Camp Out has Johnno’s soft floor on- and off-road  camper trailers. Each deluxe trailer comes with 60L fridge, 12V battery, 100L water tank, stainless steel kitchen, queen bed and lighting.
























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