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Toyota 70 Series recall

There have been documented fires in 70 Series vehicles around Australia, caused by dry vegetation getting caught around the hot DPF housing and we’ve been warning potential buyers of this hazard since 2016 and so has Toyota, with a warning label on the driver’s door....

Holden is no more

Holden is no more “God bless the child that’s got his own,” ran the lyrics of the 1941 Billie Holliday song, but their wisdom was lost on 1930s Australian politicians, who allowed General Motors to take over Holden, a long-serving Australian body-building company....

Bushfire Neglect

Over the past 20 years, during bush exploration trips, we’ve witnessed first-hand several infernos that engulfed much of Alpine Victoria, the Adelaide region and the NSW south and north coasts and Great Dividing Range areas. Of course the situation is getting worse...
Australia’s ridiculous licensing and towing laws

Australia’s ridiculous licensing and towing laws

When well-meaning authorities and pressure groups call for reduction of the road toll it’s surprised me that no-one mentions the criminally negligent situation that different lawmakers tolerate across this so-called Commonwealth. I’m talking, of course, about the...
The really, really dopey country

The really, really dopey country

Back in 2015 I ran a blog entitled ‘Living in the Dopey Country’. I didn’t think it could get more stupid than that, but i was wrong. In 2017 Australia is even more stupid than it was in 2015. We’re seriously helping build a vast coal mine in...
VW emissions scandal widens

VW emissions scandal widens

In my September 2015 blog I suggested that Volkswagen may have been premature in saying ‘sorry’ for the fact that it had sold some half-million diesel-powered cars in the USA that didn’t comply with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws. Since...

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