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Quick to erect and pack way, The Malamoo is light, airy and roomy.

OzTent’s Malamoo is the Tardis of the tent world, magically expanding from a round flat pack into a roomy tent for a couple, or a cosy space for a couple and two kids. 

oztent malamoo mega OzTent is famous for its 30-second tent and is also getting recognition for its more compact Jet Tent range. However, neither of these products really suits the small and medium SUV owner, who’s short on storage space and deosn’t want to fit a roof rack. Enter the Malamoo range.

We’ve checked out many self-erecting tents and, while appreciating their ease of set-up and pack-away, we found their interiors far too cramped. Getting dressed on a cold morning isn’t easy inside most self-erecting tents. The Malamoo Mega is different.

Sure, there’s no standing room, but it is possible to kneel without your head hitting the roof and that simplifies the morning routine. Also, the Malamoo Mega has ample through- and roof-ventilation and that cuts down condensation build up, even in wet weather.

The Mega has a large vestibule area where there’s plenty of room to leave boots and wet weather gear, without the risk of mud getting into the meshed sleeping area.

This spacious tent is still very light, tipping the scales at only 8kg.

The Mega has an outer waterproof shell and an inner breathable liner, but we’d still pack a lightweight waterproof tarp to throw over it if heavy rain was expected. Also, the floor would need to be protected from flooding, by digging a drainage trench around the tent.

In hot weather the interior does warm up, but with the flow-through tunnel-shape angled towards any breeze and the roof flap open, it’s better than a closed-roof tent. If there are no mozzies around,  flow-through ventilation can be improved by opening the mesh panels.

oztent malamoo mega The Malamoo Mega packs into a 1.1-metre storage bag, once you’ve had a little practice with the folding procedure. Unpacking it is simply a matter of throwing it clear of the bag (and people) and letting the inbuilt hoops do their thing.

When opened, the Mega’s floor is curved like rocking chair’s rockers, but three pegs pushed into the ground at each end soon flatten it out. Four sets of guy ropes are pre-attached, so if it’s windy, four more pegs stabilise the tent nicely.

Set-up time, including deploying a ground sheet, putting in 10 pegs and throwing in self-inflating mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags was exactly four minutes.

The Malamoo Mega was a key component of our lightweight camping story, being one of the largest, yet lightest tents on the market. With pricing from around $350 the investment isn’t excessive, either.



































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