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Hammering pegs into hard ground is a thing of the past.

Mi Lite Camping and Accessories peg and tang design makes setting and retrieving tent and awning pegs a piece of cake.


The first Mi Lite product we tested was the company’s portable, fold-flat, stainless steel firebox and the latest was a variation on the familiar screw-thread tent peg.

Most of the screw-thread pegs we’ve seen and tested are made from durable plastic material that’s designed to grip in soft ground and sand. At OTA we have a set of blue plastic ones that we use when we’re beach-camping.

The Mi Lite threaded pegs are quite different from anything we’ve tested before. For a start, they’re specifically intended for use in very hard ground that’s typical of many Australian campsites.

Most standard tent pegs bend when they’re driven into rocky ground. The Mi Lite pegs are made from hardened steel and have stainless steel, not plastic, clips or tangs at the top. Plastic hates UV sunlight and quickly deteriorates, we’ve found.

Mi Lite said that the screw-in tent pegs suit all Australian camping conditions, with threads that are very difficult to damage.

We’ve been using Mi Lite pegs for the past eight years and we don’t even think about using normal tent pegs anymore.

With drive from a portable battery drill the Mi Lite pegs go happily into any ground we’ve come across so far, including gibber country where previously we’ve had to use big rocks, rather than pegs, to anchor our awning ropes.

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Check out the ease of use in this video:






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