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As quick to set up as the OzTent, but more compact

The Maverick was released in 2014 and was an instant success. We tested one and  loved it. It replaced our RV-5, because it’s easier to pack into the various road-test vehicles we evaluate for our Buyers Guide.

The 30-second-erection OzTent RV-5 has been our tent of choice for several years. We’ve tested some other brands, but they can’t match the ease of set-up and pack-away of the OzTent. However, the packed size of the RV-5 is too long to fit inside a wagon – except for a Troopy – and it’s quite heavy to man-handle onto the high-set roof racks of a large 4WD.

jet tent maverick Enter the OzTent family’s Jet Tent Maverick that’s cheaper and lighter and only slightly smaller in floor area. The Maverick packs into a canvas bag that will fit inside any wagon.

The Jet Tent Maverick is of similar design to the popular OzTent RV-5, but with an external steel frame and lighter Ripstop 300D polyester canvas.

At 1.9m high x 2.6m wide x 2.1m deep when erected, it’s 0.5m shallower than the RV-5 and so has slightly less interior space.

However, the two-berth tent weighs 6kg less at just 17kg and packs into a smaller bag – 1.4m x 0.3m x 0.3m – that’s almost 0.8m shorter than the RV-5’s bag.

jet tent maverick Like all OzTents and Jet Tents the Maverick has a durable 300gsm vinyl floor, is double stitched with heat sealed seams and has heavy-duty zippers.

The zip-up windows and door are protected by superfine, insect-proof mesh, and it comes with poles, pegs and ropes. The pegs, however, are on the smallish side and don’t like going into hard ground. We use Mi Lite threded pegs, insterted and removed using our battery drill.

As with other OzTent products the Maverick is an easy one-person job to erect or pack up, although with two people it’s even easier.

The tent is taken out of its bag and the centre-hinged painted steel frames are straightened out. Then, with a person at each front corner the telescopic front and side frames are extended and click-locked. In go six ground pegs and then the fly is zipped at the front and thrown over the tent roof. Four additional pegs tie it down. There’s a two-metre front awning that sits on two aluminium poles – two more pegs for that and you’re set.

jet tent maverick Packing it up is simply the reverse procedure and the bag volume is generous enough to cope with a hurriedly-folded Maverick.

The Jet Tent Maverick is backed by a two-year warranty.

We’ve tested the Maverick in windy conditions and it held station like the RV-5 does. Being wedge-shaped the Maverick is easy to position into the wind so that the pressure flows over it.

We’ve also given the tent a storm test, complete with torrential rain. Wind pressure drove some rainwater under the fly and it pooled on the main tent, but not one drop oozed inside. Also, the heavy duty vinyl floor was completely watertight and it wraps up the tent sides, stopping any chance of pooled water ‘wicking’ up the tent walls. Very impressive.

jet tent maverick The lightweight polyester material rejects water, so it dries out in a few minutes after a dunking. It also resists staining from red-mud spatters better than heavier, more absorbent canvas.

The downside is that the fabric doesn’t ‘breathe’ as freely as conventional canvas, but generous window and door sizes, plus a mesh roof panel under the fly give adequate ventilation. The roof mesh panel can be closed off with a fabric flap to preserve heat in cool weather.




































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