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Keep away from the creepy crawlies.

Lateral thinking has prevailed at OzTent, the home of the original 30-second tent. The company’s creation combines a swag, tent and stretcher into one item that folds into a small 15kg bag.

If this isn’t the perfect bachelor’s instant camping home we don’t know what is. The aptly-named ‘Bunker’ consists of a folding stretcher frame with roof bows and canvas top and sides.

When erected the bed area measures two metres by 80cm and the folded Bunker measures one metre long and 25cm square.

The whole caboodle unfolds in a few seconds from a zippered carry bag, forming a mini-tent on legs. Zippered mesh panels on both sides and one end allow entry and ventilation, but can be closed to keep out the rain.

All you need to complete this mini-bush-home is a sleeping bag and an inflatable pillow. The haggling starts at $499.











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