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Light, compact and easy to erect tents and roof-top tents.


GentleTent is an Austrian-based company that now has representation in Australia. The GentleTent GT range consists of different air-inflatable models to suit most camping requirements.

‘GentleTent’ is an odd name, but there’s nothing odd about this company’s product line-up.

The GTS is a tunnel-shaped tent for a nominal three people and is made from breathable material. It’s claimed setup time is only two minutes and the tent weighs a scant 7kg.

Next in the range is the GT Tipi that is, as its name suggests, based on the proved shape of the Northern Hemisphere teepee tent. It’s pyramid shape is said to make it extremely wind-tolerant and an internal maximum height of 2.5 metres allows standing room, for ease of dressing. The GT Tipi can accommodate a nominal five people after around five minutes’ inflation and weighs it at only 12kg.

Similar in shape to the GTS is the GT Box that’s a taller at 2.3 metres and is designed to attach to the side or rear of a vehicle, to form an annexe. It weighs only 16kg.

A larger version of the GT Box is the GT Home Van that’s intended as an annexe for vans and small caravans.

King of the GentleTent ground-based range is the GT Home that is available with 4100mm and 3100mm wide front openings. It’s designed to be used as a quick-erect annexe for large caravans and motor homes.

The vehicle-mounted GentleTent trio are the GT Roof, GT Pickup and GT Sky Loft. The GT Roof and Pickup pack into a relatively tiny one metre by one metre square package and are 150mm and 300mm high, respectively and weigh only 25kg and 28kg.

The GT Roof unfolds and inflates to produce an elevated floor area that’s 1500mm x 3300mm x 1300mm high – much bigger than typical roof-top tents.

The Pickup model is designed specifically to fit any crew-cab ute and has a sleeping area 1400mm x 2200mm. The tub of the ute becomes an undercover living area with headroom of 2200mm and there’s still ample headroom if the ute tray is fitted with a sliding drawer unit.

The GT Sky Loft has a roof rack pack size of 1650mm x 1450mm x 150mm high and weighs 49kg. It expands to a huge 3400mm x 2000mm x 1400mm high and has space for up to five people.

All GT products come with an electric air compressor and manual back-up, plus a repair kit. Pricing ranges from under $1000 to around $5000.

We inspected the range at the November 2019 Moss Vale Camping and Outdoors Show and were impressed with the tents’ tolerance of 30-knot cross-winds.

Inflatable tents are a great way of overcoming the weight of typical metal or fibreglass canopy arrangements and offer much more interior volume than traditional canvas roof-top tents.






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