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An Aussie-made hard-sheel roof topper that's a class leader.


There are roof top tents and roof top tents. The 2021 BRS Off Road model is the best one we’ve seen to date and it’s Australian-made.


At Outback Travel Australia we’re not mad fans of roof top tents, because as the years take their toll it becomes progressively more difficult to access them and, once you’re inside, it’s difficult to move around and get dressed and undressed.

The BRS unit resolved some of these issues. Sure, you still had to use a ladder to get up there, but the steep-angle roof opening meant there’ was ample space inside – including all-important standing room. Being able to stand up to change your clothes makes roof-top life much easier.

The doors and windows were fitted with midge-proof mesh and there was a rod-stabilised awning over the aft window, allowing ventilation even if it was raining.

Hard shell roof top tents are the optimum design, as anyone who’s wrestled with a soft-cover roof tent knows only too well. When the hard shell roof clamps are released the roof elevates on gas struts, pulling the folded tent with it. 

Another advantage over a full-canvas roof tent is that the hard roof can be angled into the wind and rain, if the weather turns nasty. 

When packing up, the mattress and bedding can be left in place and the tent fabric tucks inside as the clamshell lid is pulled down. 

The BRS unit had internal wiring for an overhead LED light strip and it also had USB outlets. Power could be transferred to the roof top module by wiring from the vehicle, or a power pack could be used.

An Anderson connection socket was standard.

It was Aussie made from fibreglass and waterproofed canvas and came standard with roof rails that could mount a solar panel. 

We checked out two of the new BRS models at Camperact’s Narellan (NSW) showroom. They were introductory specials at $5500 each in November 2020.





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