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Hard-roof additions to this expanding slide-on camper range.

Carry Me Camper launched its Hard Lid slide-on campers in mid-2018 and upgraded them again in late 2019 and 2021.



The additional models were designed for fitment to single-cab, extra-cab and dual-cab tray-back utes, complementing the soft-roof model that could also fit all ute sizes.

The Hard Lid camper featured a unique two stage roof, with industry leading head space and ventilation, with the added bonus of a north/south, 140mm-thick inner-spring bed.

Simple one-minute setup and pack-up were possible, thanks to an easy-lift tailgate and assisted hard roof. There was no need to unpack any gear before accessing the bed area.



Awning erection was also slick, at around a three-minute setup.

Two large, gas-strut-assisted side doors allowed easy access to generous storage and kitchen space, whether the camper was opened or closed – handy for tea and lunch stops.

This completely self-sufficient camper was geared for remote travel, having onboard water, power, and 320-watt fixed solar roof panels.



Its compact shape minimised wind resistance, enhancing fuel economy and also allowing the vehicle to access narrow bush tracks that had intrusive branches.

Robust, lightweight and compact, its fully welded aluminium construction was two-pack finished and designed to keep rain and dust out.

The Carry Me Camper Hard-Lid models were launched with very high equipment levels and offered generous interior space. A virtual Tardis, these campers packed down to only 1080mm above tray height when closed.



The accompanying photos are of the 2020 short-cab/extra-cab Hard-Lid model and a dual-cab upgrade was done in mid-2020.

A two-stage bi-fold roof offered better internal headroom than conventional hinged-roof slide-ons and excellent ventilation was provided by large, midge-mesh windows on all sides.

The camper sides were tapered from the base width of 1850mm, giving good mirror vision to the rear, but with 1590mm width at the bed base.

The tailgate dropped only to tray height, enabling the camper to be mounted forward on a ute tray that was longer than the camper’s 2120mm-long footprint.



The tailgate had a retractable ladder and the steps remained horizontal, regardless of ladder angle and there was also a handrail, for additional security. The ladder legs were independently adjustable, to handle uneven ground and the stowed ladder was enclosed in a tailgate compartment, keeping the treads clean.

The side bins gave access to  twin fridge slides, two-burner LPG stove, unobstructed storage area and fold-out,  stainless steel kitchen bench. There were white and yellow LED dimmable lights on both doors.



The stove was not plumbed in and could be moved away from the camper if required.

Water storage was in two 54-litre poly tanks that were plumbed separately and gravity emptied through easy-trigger taps.

Standard kitchen equipment included six 15-litre heavy duty Willow boxes, four Oates drawers, a mesh plastic basket and pop-up silicone wash bowl.



Behind the driver’s side bin lid was open space and under shelf storage that included four heavy duty 45-litre storage tubs with lids and a 15-litre Willow storage box.

Inside were two carpet-lined clothes drawers; two LED overhead reading lamps; 12V and USB charging sockets and yellow LED strip lighting in the bed area, with two-way switching.

There was also a special stowage space for a portable loo.

Power was supplied by a Revolution 100Ah lithium battery, fed by 320-watt solar panels on the hard roof and mains, 12V or solar input controlled by a Redarc Manager30 charger.



The Hard Lid slide-on was designed with the heaviest equipment located forward, to keep weight inside the vehicle’s wheelbase.  At launch, the Hard Lid unit tipped the scales at 505kg, including the weight of all included equipment. The four jacking legs added another 48kg.

Available optional extras included diesel heating and hot water, LPG hot water, various fridges, inverters and a bike carrier.

Check out the videos and additional photos:








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