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These panels are designed to be lightweight and flexible.


Projecta Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are available with 100W and 180W outputs and are designed to be light and compact. They can be mounted on curved surfaces if required. 

The 12V Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are available in two models: a 12V 100W (SPF100-MC4) unit, for batteries powering small and medium appliances and the larger 12V 180W variant (SPF180-MC4) for battery banks servicing multiple or larger appliances. Their estimated service life is more than 20 years.

Both models feature high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells that allow the panels to remain compact (1035mm x 520mm x3mm and 1520mm x 680mm x 3mm). For permanent installation the panels come with a rubber adhesive backing. The panels’ light weight (2kg and 3.5kg respectively) also makes them easy to handle and both models are pre-fitted with MC4-type connectors. 



A key benefit of the panels is their 400mm maximum bending radius, which makes them suitable for mounting to a greater range of surfaces.

The Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are designed to complement Projecta’s range of DC chargers, solar controllers and lithium batteries. 

Both models come with a two/five-year warranty – two-year warranty for materials and workmanship and five-year warranty for at least 80-percent output. They are available from leading caravanning, camping and four-wheel-drive outlets nationwide, at recommended retail prices of $770.00 (SPF100-MC4) and $1144.00 (SPF180-MC4).






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