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BMPRO's ProSmart just got smarter.


BMPRO has announced that its ProSmart monitoring system is available in a Premium version that greatly expands the number of functions it can perform.


The original ProSmart remains available and operates via user-friendly app that enables travellers to monitor a wide variety of RV functions, including tyre pressure, gas levels, temperature, water levels and battery status. 

However, ProSmart comes with a limited number of sensors, which has proved insufficient for larger caravans and RVs.

“We believe that good business lies in listening to customers’ feedback and working with them to develop the best possible products,” said Louise Bayliss, CEO of BMPRO. 

“With a 50-year history in the industry, we are committed to continuing our legacy of customer care and service”.

In January 2022, BMPRO was awarded a Smart50 Award by the Smart Company, in recognition of its contribution to Australian-based innovation.

In March 2022 BMPRO introduced the Starter kit that allows buyers to start with a basic setup that can later be added to. ProSmart Starter includes a SmartLink node, one 12V cable and provision for connecting four water tank sensors.



To satisfy the greater needs of some travellers, BMPRO developed the ProSmart Premium version, to cater for the owners of larger, four-wheeled vans and larger motorhomes that have multiple water tanks, a fridge and freezer, and additional gas bottles.

The Premium version can be paired with up to 40 SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors, connected to four water tanks, two gas-bottle sensors, four tyre-pressure monitors, two temperature Bluetooth sensors, one wired temperature sensor and a 12V battery cable.

BMPRO says the system can be connected in minutes and the monitored function results appear on Android or IOS screens. 

The standard ProSmart system comes with two tyre-pressure-monitoring sensors and has a RRP of $395 and ProSmart Premium is $670, with four TPMS sensors included. Incidentally, replacement TPMS sensors are sold separately for $149 per pair.

A late-2021update allows users to set up two to four icons per row detailing the status of RV/caravan functions and associated appliances. Also, users can manually set thresholds for functions such as temperature and tyre pressure, allowing them to respond to changes quickly.

The sensor software interface is customisable, enabling users to organise displays to an arrangement that best suits their needs.

BMPRO is one of Australia’s leading experts in RV power and control management. BMPRO has been in business for more than 50 years and has more than 150,000 systems installed across various power management, control and monitoring systems in the RV industry worldwide.





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