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Federal Batteries' lithium brand has been released.

Federal Batteries has responded to the market demand for lithium batteries with the launch of the Remco Smart Lithium Deep Cycle battery range that boasts all the most attractive benefits of lithium: lighter weight, longer lifespan, higher power density and faster charging.



At OTA, we’ve had experience with Federal batteries, having had a bank of their deep-cycle lead-acid batteries on our yacht that served us well for years. Federal is a well accepted brand around the waterfront and we were surprised the company hadn’t moved into lithium some years ago.

A new Remco smart battery management system (BMS) is said to be an outstanding feature of the new batteries. The BMS is built into the battery and is paired with a mobile phone app, so owners can monitor and manage their battery’s condition and performance in real-time.

Over the past 30 years, Remco has become a reputable aftermarket brand, known for being reliable, well built and trusted by leading Australian OEMs and resellers. 

Remco is supported by the Federal Batteries’ team of product experts who are involved in every aspect of the product development and production process. 

The Remco lithium range at launch consisted of 75 amp-hour, 100Ah, 120Ah, 130Ah and 200Ah models. All are designed with Australia’s unique environment in mind.

The Remco lithium range is available from Autobarn and Opposite Lock stores nationwide and the entire REMCO battery range is available to the trade via Bapcor’s trade networks, including Federal Batteries and JAS Oceania.

“More than two years of research and development has been invested in the lithium range to ensure that this new generation of Remco batteries perform to the standards expected by our customers,” stated Anthony Trigona, Remco product manager.





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