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The charging specialist has widened its solar product range

Redarc has extended its solar charging product range with a pair of updated monocrystalline portable folding solar panels. These new products complement Redarc’s folding solar blankets and one-piece monocrystalline solar panels.

The lightweight monocrystalline portable folding solar panels are said to have superior efficiemcy and are available in 120-watt and 160-watt power ratings.

The panels’ lightweight adjustable legs allow them to be angled towards the sun and a five-metre Anderson to Anderson cable lets campers set up in the shade with the panels out in the sunlight.

Solar Regulators in various power ratings and with remote monitors are also available for the solar panel range. They can also be used with Redarc’s BCDC and Battery Management System range.

The full Redarc solar range now includes one-piece monocrystalline panels in 50-, 80-, 120- and 150-watt power ratings, and there’s also a slimline 150-watt version. They have tempered glass surfaces and are designed for permanent installation on the roof a vehicle, caravan, camper trailer or motorhome.

These flat panels have aluminium frames and quick-release MC4 connectors.

Redarc has a solar calculator on its website, to indicate optimum panel size for any installation, taking into account size of the auxiliary battery bank and the appliances that will be used.

Redarc also has a reputable solar installer network and Australia-wide back up and after-sales support. The full Redarc solar product range comes with with a two-year construction warranty and five-year cell warranty.

For more information on the extensive range visit www.redarc.com.au/solar













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