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Flexible, lightweight alternatives to fixed panels

South Australian-based manufacturing company Redarc has released a range of solar blankets and accessories, to charge 12-volt batteries from solar power.

The range includes three black SunPower Cell solar blankets in 115W, 150W and 190W power ratings and a red 112W Amorphous Cell solar blanket.

Redarc says the blankets are smaller and lighter than comparable-wattage portable glass panels. The blankets come with industry-standard Anderson SB50 plug connectors, to make installation easier.

The black solar blankets have SunPower cells that have no grid lines, but come with a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency and durability.

The red amorphous cell blanket has Uni-Solar, triple-layer cells that offer superior flexibility in a lightweight package and are said to perform better in low light conditions than crystalline cells.

The blankets come with newly designed solar regulators, in 10-, 20- and 30-amp models. Solar regulators ensure that the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently and protect batteries from being over-charged.

Redarc’s solar regulators work with AGM, Standard and Calcium batteries and have protection from over-temperature, over-charge and reverse polarity. They’re
also compatible with Redarc’s BCDC chargers and Battery Management Systems

Cables and adaptors are available from 1.5m to 10m in length so that a caravan or trailer can be parked in the shade and have the blankets in sunlight.

Redarc’s new solar monitor has a back-lit LED display, allowing you to monitor the solar blanket, battery and system information. The monitor can also be used to perform battery and configuration settings.

Redarc has a solar calculator on its website, to provide an indicative measure on how much camping power will be needed per day, depending on the size of the auxiliary battery bank and appliances. This information can help determine the optimum solar blanket size for individual needs.

Redarc’s solar blankets are backed by a two-year construction warranty and five-year warranty on the cells. They can be purchased through 4WD accessories
outlets and auto electrical stores, and are backed up by Redarc’s nationwide dealer and support network.










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