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An app-based system for controlling and monitoring many functions.

Redarc has released RedVision, a vehicle management system that brings multi-function control to the user’s fingertips. RedVision comes with an In-vehicle display and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) iOS or android smartphone app to control and monitor many functions in a camper, caravan, or motorhome.

RedVision allows users to control multiple on-board devices, including lights, inverter, water pump, television, electric steps and fridge form their phones.It can also monitor water levels, temperature and battery power and consumption, with electrical information from a Redarc Manager battery management system.

RedVision can control multiple devices automatically and act as a master switch. For example, lights and all other loads except the fridge can be turned off, just by pressing one button. Or the steps in a caravan can retract and lights can be turned off when the vehicle ignition is turned on.

The display and app incorporate a user-friendly interface and the display has been built and tested to withstand Australia’s environmental conditions. RedVision simplifies installation with CAN architecture that needs less wiring and fewer connections.

RedVision is available on many new caravans and camper trailers.

In May 2018, RedVision was named a Good Design Award Winner by Good Design Australia in the Product Design Sport and Lifestyle category.

The Awards attracted a high calibre of submissions across 10 main design disciplines and 28 sub-categories.












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