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Some Redarc Manager30 chargers can overcharge lithium batteries.

Redarc’s Manager30 can charge auxiliary Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as well as lead acid, calcium and AGM batteries.

redarc manager30 The Manager30 operates like six separate products: an auxiliary vehicle battery charger while on the move; a 240-volt charger; a solar regulator; a battery isolator; a remote battery monitor and a load-disconnect controller.

All functions display on the remote battery monitor screen.

A user-programmable load-disconnect feature allows an external relay or solenoid to be switched by the Manager30, based on battery voltage or battery state of charge.

Green power priority means that, like its predecessor, the Manager30 has been designed to charge an auxiliary battery from multiple sources simultaneously. If 12-volt solar power input is available, solar power will be used before 240V mains or DC vehicle power.

New to the Manager30 in 2015 was additional control over the load-disconnect feature. The unit allowed for deeper discharge levels, to accommodate the increased performance of LiFePO4 batteries.

There was also a load-disconnect override, allowing the user to switch loads (such as lights) back on temporarily, in order to connect a charging source.

In April 2020 Redarc Electronics released the next-generation Manager30, along with a variant of the Manager30 with RedVision display. This provided connectivity of the Manager30 to the RedVision Smartphone app, allowing real-time monitoring of the battery state of charge.

This third-generation of Manager30 followed the original that was released in 2014, and the second-generation in late 2015.

Like all Redarc products, the Manager30 came with a two-year, hassle-free warranty, technical support and after-sales services.

The S3 model was aid by Redarc to overcome some issues with the earlier models.



As we discovered in operating our three-stage-charge 2016 S2 model, the ‘Float’ voltage can exceed the default setting of 13.6 volts and overcharge to 14.6 volts. Most lithium battery makers recommend Float voltages of less than 14 volts.

OTA reckons that owners of Manager30 chargers should monitor Float voltage regularly.

We raised the issue with Redarc, which advised:

‘The very early S2 charges had a two stage profile, but as R&D improved it was later learnt that a three-stage profile, including Boost, Absorption and Float, was introduced. The later editions of the S2 chargers included this along with all S3 chargers.

‘Technically the Float voltage is listed as 13.6V, but due to the above mentioned about the stages, it may not always rest at that level and can in cases sit at the Boost voltage.’ (That’s what our Manager30 did.)

Redarc has a trade-in offer for owners of affected Manager30 chargers:

‘What we have been able to offer is a trade-in offer for previous Redarc customers, to a new S3 Manager30

‘The upgrade price for a new BMS1230S3 is $1334 (including GST and freight). The normal retail price is $2269.

‘As part of this offer, Redarc generates a claim which requires the serial number from the BMS charger assembly. Once a claim is raised, Redarc provides a reference number and instructions on where to send the charger assembly and the battery sensor.

‘When the product is received at Redarc, the administration team  emails a proforma invoice for the special trade in upgrade price and when payment is received the goods are dispatched to a nominated address.’

Did we trade in our older Manager30 for a newer S3 model? No, we opted for a brand change to a Projecta Intelli RV charger and we’ll begin reporting on it in April 2023.





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