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This expert electronics company has entered the battery business.

Redarc Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries are said to be the ultimate in deep-cycle battery technology, capable of delivering unrivalled performance and battery life.

The new Redarc lithium ferro-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery range has been given a decade of off-road testing, the company said, at the February 2021 product launch. Also, Redarc insisted: “You can trust that you will get what is on the label”.

At OTA we hear many manufacturers’ claims and some are PR fodder. However, we’re absolutely confident about Redarc’s claim, because the company’s new lithium battery range uses Revolution technology.

Our Revolution battery that powers out slide-on camper has served faithfully for six years and behaves as-new.

This reassurance counters the amp-hour claims made by some lithium battery importers that have been found to be ‘optimistic’. Redarc is sure that its claimed amp-hour (Ah) rating = real world 100Ah. 

Redarc’s LiFePO4 batteries are available in 60Ah, 100Ah a 200Ah and include an internal battery management system (BMS) that enables the batteries to be connected in parallel, to increase system capacity.

The Redarc lithium battery range can be charged from mains, vehicle alternators and solar. The batteries are designed to charge optimally with Redarc’s BCDC in-vehicle chargers. 

Lithium batteries are fast to charge and are up to 50-percent lighter than AGM/lead acid batteries with similar Ah ratings. Also, quality lithium batteries can be almost fully discharged without damage, where AGM/lead acid batteries should not be discharged below 60-70-percent. That means a 100Ah lithium battery is exactly that, where an AGM/lead acid battery is effectively only a 30-40Ah battery.

Of course, you get what you pay for and quality lithium batteries are initially expensive,  However, with their extended number of charge cycles, sometimes up to eight times that of an AGM/lead acid equivalent batteries, lithium batteries can often be cheaper in the long run. 

The 2021 Redarc lithium range looked like this:

200Ah (LABT12200)

For maximum energy storage and for applications requiring a high current the 200Ah variant has a recommended continuous discharge rate of 100A and can also be used with a 1000W inverter (per battery). RRP $3198

100Ah Heavy Duty (LBAT12100-HD)

Ideal for applications requiring a high current, the 100Ah Heavy Duty variant has a recommended continuous discharge rate of 100A and can be used with an inverter up to 1000W in size (per battery). RRP $1998

100Ah Standard Low Draw (LBAT12100)

Great for applications when a powerful current is not required over an extended period, the 100Ah standard variant has a recommended continuous discharge of 50A and be used with an inverter up to 500W in size (per battery). RRP $1498

60Ah Slimline (LBAT12060)

The 60Ah variant is offered in a slimline design, suitable for installation where space is limited, for example behind the rear seat of a dual cab ute, or under the passenger seat. With a recommended continuous discharge of 85A, it provides a powerful energy solution for its capacity and can be used with an inverter up to 850W in size (per battery). RRP $1398

The range is backed by a three-year warranty and customer technical support.










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