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The stalwart charger has greatly improved performance and features.


Projecta’s IDC25 was a favourite DC to DC charger for many years, but the replacement IDC25X was designed to perform in temperatures as high as 90°C, making it suitable for under-bonnet fitment.



At launch in mid-2023, the IDC25X was said to provide a full 25A charge up to 75°C, where competitor chargers reduce charge at 55°C by up to half. Key to this performance was the IDC25X ’s use of fully-potted thermal epoxy resin that drew heat away from the electronics to the outer housing. 

The units were tested to vibration and shock Heavy Vehicle Standards and IP68 and IP69K ratings, ensuring protection against ingress of dust, water and even high-pressure water, should owners want to thoroughly clean their engine bays. 

Allowing owners to customise their battery management systems, the IDC25X’s multi-chemistry technology supported charging of AGM, GEL, WET, Calcium and Lithium batteries with pre-set charging modes.  

The unit also offered Automatic Temperature Compensation, further protecting valuable batteries.

For users wanting to mount the IDC25X at a distance from the battery, the unit was equipped with ‘Voltage Drop Compensation’, which maintained correct charge voltage. 

The IDC25X also had a built-in solar controller that prioritised solar charging as default and automatically adjusted the vehicle alternator output, using Intelli-Charge if there’s insufficient sunlight available. A proprietary MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm also ensured maximum solar efficiency, even in reduced sunlight.

Compared with the earlier IDC25, the IDC25X was more efficient in harnessing solar power and could also accommodate solar inputs of up to 360W.

Projecta’s IDC25X DC/DC charger was backed by a five-year warranty and sold at a recommended retail price of $595.


Bluetooth control



The IQD2 communication hub for the Projecta DC system was launched in March 2024, providing complete control of the DC System, including charge rate and battery voltage. 

IQD2 was the first of five phases of the Projecta Internet of Things (IoT) System and it ensured both scalability and the integration of future products and technologies.

Projecta senior brand manager, James Pearson, said the new INTELLI-IQ Smart Display unlocked the full potential of the IDC25X DC to DC charger and other Projecta equipment:

“Many competitor systems feature Bluetooth control where the appliance connects directly to the smart device. 

“These systems can be subject to functionality issues with range and connectivity – often because the appliance is mounted in the engine bay or another area shielded by layers of metal, causing a barrier for the Bluetooth signal. 

“In comparison, the IQD2 offers automotive grade communication meaning no dropouts, along with an easy set-up,” he said.

The IQD2 allowed individual control of up to 60 other devices, including fridges, lights, compressors and inverters, via Projecta smart relays. 

The INTELLI-IQ Smart Display unit had a compact, 50mm display screen that could be mounted anywhere its single-wire connectivity allowed. The unit itself could be mounted flush, at an angle, or even upside down.






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