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Modified and pure sine wave inverters from 300W up to 3000W, with varying boost abilities.


In mid-2022, Projecta released an all-new range of Australian designed and engineered inverters that provided several benefits over outgoing models.



The new entry-level, modified sine wave Projecta range has four models (300W to 2000W) with six variants, including two 24-volt options. 

A key feature of the range is 200-percent startup power for half a second , allowing the 2000W inverter to output briefly a peak power of 4000W. This provides the necessary ‘kick’ to power-up common household appliances that require more power to start up than they do to run. 

Inferior inverters with similar, but continuous-only, power output often struggle to start up these appliances.

Other features of the new Projecta range include a 5V DC 2.1A USB socket, offering power and charging for small devices, including phones, tablets, cameras, power banks and toys. 

There’s also noise-free EMC filtering, which combines with large capacitors to deliver smooth power delivery and reduced sound and screen interference in sensitive appliances.

The new Projecta Modified Sine Wave Inverter models are designed for a range of recreational and trade applications. 

The IMW300 is capable of supplying power for charging and powering equipment including phones and tablets, digital cameras, radios, portable gaming consoles and fans.

The larger IMW600 can also power computers, some power tools and site lighting. 

The IMW1000 and IMW1000-24 have additional capacity, to handle a microwave, small fridge, iron and coffee machine.

The range-toppers are the IMW2000 and IMW2000-24 that have enough output to satisfy more power-hungry versions of the equipment described earlier, along with radiant appliances, including hairdryers and toasters.

With low battery voltage and overload protection, approved mains sockets designed to Australian standard AS4763 and a full internal bonded earth system, the new inverters are engineered to deliver safe performance.


Intelli-Wave additions


The 2022 launch of new up-market Projecta Intelli-Wave IP1500 and IP3000 Pure Sinewave Inverter models provide additional choice, because Intelli-Wave range offers 200 per cent startup power for up to three seconds. 

This provides enough ‘kick’ to switch on many common appliances that require more power to start than they do to run. For the 3000W IP3000, this peak-power boost is 6000W for up to three seconds and 4200W for up to three minutes.

Bridging the gap between the existing IP1000 and IP2000 models, the new IP1500 is designed to provide 1500W, to run a wide range of appliances, including a coffee machine. 

The IP3000 succeeds the IP2000 as Projecta’s new range-topper, capable of powering induction cooktops, air conditioning, air compressors and large power tools.

A built-in safety switch (RCD) provides protection for the user as well as the device being powered and there are voltage, temperature, fault and overload protections.

Both units have front-face LCD displays and wired LCD remote/monitors. The IP1500 is sold with pre-terminated wiring kit.

The IP3000 has an AC transfer switch that provides seamless transition between AC and DC power sources, meaning you don’t have to turn appliances off when swapping over. There’s also a power-saving ECO mode that reduces current draw to just 10mA when not in use. 

Surge power is the biggest difference between Projecta Pro-Wave and Intelli-Wave inverters.  Both have 200-percent start-up power, but Pro-Wave can only do it for one second where Intelli-Wave sustains it for three seconds. Pro-Wave can also supply 120-percent power for 10 minutes, while Intelli-Wave can do 140 percent  for three minutes.







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