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A safe and convenient way of carrying a deep cycle battery

Projecta has released a ‘Portable Power-Hub’, designed to provide convenient power anywhere, anytime. The PH125 Power-Hub can power and charge appliances and electronic equipment via 10 power outlets. The Power-Hub is said to be a viable alternative to a dual-battery system, eliminating installation costs and providing portability.

Included is a 240V AC socket providing pure sine wave power up to 300W for sensitive equipment and DC terminals for applications requiring a high rate of current such as jump-starting. Other outlets include USB (2x2A), cigarette lighter (2x10A), fridge (1x10A), 50A heavy duty and Merit sockets (2x15A).

All outlets are protected by automatically-resetting circuit breakers.

For greater convenience, the Power-Hub’s design allocates all the sockets that users are likely to be regularly connecting and disconnecting on one side of the unit, while the outlets which generally remain connected longer term, such as fridge and AC outlet) are located on the opposite side.

The unit is designed with outdoor use in mind and features moulded gutters to drain water away from the electrics. Waterproof covers are fitted to the plugs and sockets, but they’re designed to allow the cords to remain plugged in.

Soft-touch moulded handles double as tie down points.

The Power-Hub’s operation is monitored via the unit’s full-colour LCD screen. The display includes state of charge, battery health, time to full charge and time to flat, as well as programmable low-charge and battery-health alarms.

The Power-Hub also makes use of patented self-learning technology to determine battery capacity and health over the life of the battery. This same technology can automatically distinguish the chemistry of the battery: wet-cell, AGM, gel or calcium.

Recharging the Power-Hub can be done with a 240V AC charger,  solar panel or in-vehicle charging system, connecting via the DC terminals or 50A heavy
duty socket. While being charged the Power-Hub can remain in use and the smart battery gauge will still show the charging status of the battery.

Projecta’s PH125 Power-Hub has a RRP around  $499 (battery not included).










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