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Solar panels that fit into a backpack.

The new Compact Series of fast chargers and solar panels is designed to provide convenient power for smart phones, drones, laptops and other small, rechargeable devices.

Featuring efficient mono-crystalline panels, the Projecta Compac range begins with the PP10 that provides a direct charge for smart watches and phones, via its 1.6A port and included three-in-one charging cable. This unit weighs only 300 grams and when folded measures just 270 x 170 x 10mm, making it easy to store in a backpack.

The larger PP15 Personal Folding Solar Panel has an in-built power bank that takes between six to eight hours to charge fully.  Once ready it can charge phones, smart watches, action cameras and drones using the included micro USB and USB-C connectivity in a three-in-one charging cable.

The lithium-ion battery in the PP15 has 6000mAh capacity, meaning it stores sufficient power to recharge most of the mentioned equipment multiple times.

Despite its impressive charging capabilities, the PP15 is  light and compact, tipping the scales at only 505 grams and measuring 270 x 160 x 20mm when folded.

For durability in demanding conditions, the Personal Folding Solar Panels have panels that are resistant to damage from heat and they also have short-circuit and surge protection.

The panels have carabiners, allowing them to be hung or draped for charging.

Projecta’s new Compac Series Rapid Charge Personal Folding Solar Panels can be purchased at all leading transport, automotive, four wheel drive and outdoor stores throughout Australia at approximately $99 for the PP10 and $189 for the PP15 model.





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