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No need to be in the dark anymore.

Goal Zero claims to be the largest supplier of portable solar power and off-grid solar power products worldwide. The company specialises in portable solar kits, portable solar panels, solar batteries and chargers, solar lighting and solar accessories.

Goal Zero’s flexible and folding solar panels feature mono-crystalline technology with market-leading efficiency rates. These portable solar products are simple plug-and-play designs and are made to withstand the rigours of outdoor lifestyles.

Goal Zreo Yeti Power PackThe Goal Zero range includes solar phone chargers, USB solar chargers and solar car battery chargers. There are also portable power packs up to 100 amp/hour rating.

Pricing for the smaller, easily portable units seems keen, in the $119 to $479 range.

At the top end the Yeti 1250, 100Ah, 52kg power pack with two 30-watt solar panels seems very expensive, at $2199, but the unit incorporates a 1250-watt pure sine wave inverter.

Also, the unit can be recharged by larger solar panels.


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