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Formerly a Hella-dominated segment that now has welcome competition.

Narva has launched a range of ALS – Advanced Lighting Systems – pen and utility lights that are multi-functional and 240V or USB rechargeable.

The premium Narva ALS Pen Light is small enough to keep in a shirt pocket, but with its high quality COB LEDs, it boasts an impressive 150 lumens at its highest setting. At this setting the Pen Light is said to provide two hours of light before requiring recharging, but battery life can be doubled to four hours if the pen’s lower light setting is selected.

For greater flexibility, the Pen Light has two output functions, allowing it to operate as either a flood light or as a torch beam.

Another feature of the Pen Light is a brightness memory function that resumes the last light output setting when it’s switched on again.

Charging the Pen Light is made easy by an included USB charging lead. A full recharge is said to take between two and three hours.

For durability, the Pen Light has a metal casing and metal clip, making it easier to affix to shirt pockets or clothing.

ALS Utility Lights

The Narva ALS Utility Light range combines powerful inspection lamps with directional torches and comes in three variants: 350 lumen inspection light/100
lumen torch; 600 lumen inspection light/500 lumen torch and 1000 lumen inspection lamp/500 lumen torch.

The output from the main light function is broad and the torch has a directional beam. All three models are similar in size to a smartphone, making them portable and easy to store.

Depending on the brightness adjustment, the Utility Light inspection lamps are said to provide between two and twenty hours’ usage, while the directional
torches have three hours of operation.

All three Utility Lights come standard with ‘glow in the dark’ locators, making them easy to find and all have integrated magnetic stands and hanging hooks.

The two more powerful Utility Lights are rated to IP67 water and dust resistant standard.

Charging these lights in the home, workshop or on the move is done by an included 240V/USB charging lead.

The new Narva ALS Pen Light and Utility Light ranges are covered by a two-year warranty and are available from leading automotive, 4WD, recreational and
trade outlets.





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